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Nimble & Efficient to Fit Our Customers’ Needs

South Coast paper provides paper, sheeting, rewinding, trimming, warehouse storage, and logistic services.

At South Coast Paper, we recognize the critical role we play in being nimble and efficient to fit our customers’ needs. Our mill customers can count on us to expand their product offering and reach more customers without increasing their equipment investment. Our facility also accommodates smaller quantities and odd sizes, while our converting operation can also manage overflow for your facility on a consistent basis.

South Coast Paper can provide seamless integration in your supply chain. By marrying computer systems and mirroring packaging, we are not only a reliable extension of your business but also can be virtually invisible.

We source paper directly from paper mills and distribute nationally through our contract stationer relationships. Our truck high docks, rail access, and four shipping ports make our facility readily available for distributing products to any location, anywhere in the world.

South Coast Paper has the capabilities and quality standards of a full size paper mill finishing area, with the flexibility and efficiencies to cut, wrap, box, seal, label, and deliver paper products according to your specifications.

Maplesville, AL
  • (2) ECH Will four pocket sheeters capable of running any size sheet from 7” x 11” up to 14” x 20”
  • (4) SHM Digital folio sheeters capable of sheet lengths from 11” up to 63”
  • (2) Involvo folio carton lines
  • Flexible Pemco ream wrapping lines
  • Bielomatik bulk pack carton line
  • Versatile and moveable Shrink Tunnels
  • Columbia Palletizers
  • Dedicated and integrated trim systems for all lines
  • Webco 84” rewinder
Burlington, NJ
  • ECH Will 8 pocket cutsize/digital sheeter capable of sheet lengths from 8 ½” up to 20”
  • Flexible Pemco packaging line to wrap any digital sizes as well as traditional cutsize
  • Columbia palletizer with Lantech automated stretch wrapper
  • BW Papersystems Hawk 1650 Folio sheeter capable of sheet lengths from 11” up to 63”
  • BBC shrink oven for press ready skids
  • Dedicated and integrated trim systems for segregating waste from production lines
Mexico City, Mexico
  • ECH Will 10 pocket sheeter with dual packaging lines
  • (2) Pemco Model #37 wrappers
  • (2) Pemco Model #135 ream accumulators
  • (2) Pemco Model #161 case packer/lidders
  • (2) Columbia palletizers
  • (2) Lantech stretch wrappers
  • Dusenberry rewinder capable of 86” input and 50” O.D.
  • Dedicated trim systems for waste
Promotes the principles of sustainable development

South Coast Paper is committed to undertaking practices that preserve our natural resources. We employ environmentally, socially and economically sustainable practices to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. This is accomplished by practicing and promoting a resource and conservation stewardship ethic. Our production facility has implemented and continues to achieve sustainability, recycling and biodegradable objectives through the following initiatives:

  • All clean white trim and reject sheets are recovered and sent directly back to paper mills.
  • All colored paper trim and reject sheets are sorted and sent back to mills producing colors.
  • All corrugate packaging waste is sorted, baled and sent to a recycling center.
  • All core plugs are recycled directly back to paper mills.
  • Reducing South Coast Paper’s solid waste going to landfills. Currently, waste is down over 60% from two years ago.
  • All brown cores are stripped of white paper, bundled together, and sent to a recycle center.
  • All used hydraulic oil is collected and sent to a recycling center.
  • South Coast Paper’s sustainability policy promotes the principles of sustainable development, recycling and biodegradability. We are steadfast in our goal to continually maximize the amount of reclaimed waste material from our production processes and to maintain the degradability of our paper products to ensure that non-recycled components are recoverable, bio-degradable and/or compostable.
Chain-of-Custody Certification

South Coast Paper is committed to the responsible stewardship of our natural resources. We are certified to these internationally-recognized chain-of-custody standards:

South Coast Paper is also certified to the SFI® Certified Sourcing standard

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